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MOST of DRIVE INVESTMENT GROUP automotive vehicles are sold with a basic plus minimum warranty of 1 month and / or 1,000 miles.*

In some instances, due to age, mileage or specialty packages The Police Fleet will sell vehicles with NO WARRANTY, AS-IS. However, if the buyer is a Maryland resident, the vehicle will have successfully passed Maryland State Inspection. Unless noted on the federal buyers guide, no representations or warranties are made by the seller.

In addition, we offer extended service plans (warranties) that fit the needs of each customer and their vehicle. We do not “pre-package” the warranty in the price of the car for two reasons:

  1. Every car is different and requires a different type of plan. So, we need to customize the extended warranty at the time of each sale. We treat every customer as an individual with unique preferences for their vehicle.
  2. We are always completely up-front with all costs and fees. The price of the vehicle you see is the price of the vehicle – no hidden costs. The price of the warranty is the price you will be given. No hidden costs. No “monkey business” with the figures. At POLICE FLEET SALES, we do everything with integrity.

** Manufacturer's factory warranties may still apply on certain vehicles. Please contact us for details. **