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I bought my 2016 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor from Mike because;

1). The car is a Magnificent Beast;

2). Mike is friendly and honest.

My wife says it is the most comfortable car she’s ever been in. In fact, when she’s in the market for a new used car, she’s heading for the Police Fleet! I highly recommend that you and all of your close friends bookmark this site so you’ll know where to go when it’s your turn to get a great car at a reasonable price.  


Robert Jones



We brought our 2021 Tahoe into Drive's Fleet HQ to get professionally detailed by Moore Than Detailing. Steven detailed it back to like new condition and wow it looks AMAZING!  Very professional and great prices too... We love Mike and his companies!

Patricia and Mike Stewart

New Market, Maryland 




Your car saved our lives, in September we T-Boned a van at 55mph. I believe our ex-police cruiser and its sturdy construction kept my wife and I from being fatalities. I got out and walked away. I strongly recommend your cars for the novice driver(s) who need extra protection, and we mature folks who can appreciate the extra head and leg room.

P.S. The cause of this crash was from a sleepy driver... A sleepy driver is the same as a drunk driver, DON’T DO IT!

Roger and Lisa Waters

2009 Ford Crown Victoria P-71 (2nd one we have purchased from Mike and the Police Fleet)


"HIGHLY RECOMMEND" "I am extremely satisfied"


For a good eight months, my son has been doing independent online research for a good quality Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor as his first car. Many of them were from dealers all over the country that would require us to drive or fly and figure out complicated logistics of getting the car back home.

Until one day he came across a listing for a 2009 P71 at The Police Fleet, which to my delight and surprise was in Frederick, MD, not very far from us. I read the website from top to bottom, and they got glowing reviews. So I arranged to meet with Mike Davies to take a look at the car and take it for a test drive. His showroom in Frederick, MD is very clean, with a few vehicles on display, and the day we arrived, had a trailer pulling up with some recent acquisitions from a local sheriff’s fleet.

Mike told me all about this car, which was a clean, single owner, rural Pennsylvania Township un-marked Detective's car. He was very upfront and honest about all aspects of the car, answered all my questions, and had all original documentation and paperwork. It drove like a charm, and my son was in love with it, and I just knew this was the car we were looking to purchase.

At no time during this process did I ever feel pressure to buy or do anything. In fact, just the opposite. It was the most hassle-free, used car experience that I have ever had in my life. Mike kept me well-informed and made me feel comfortable during all aspects of the purchase. I offered to make a deposit to hold the car, which was not necessary he said. He disclosed that because the odometer pixels were unreadable, he would have to get that sent out to get fixed. It also needed MD inspection. When the odometer came back, it was actually around 10k less than what was initially indicated. He called me and described in great detail what this odometer discrepancy meant, and the impact it would have on the Carfax report. Did I still want the car? Of course I did! 78k instead of 88k? A great, clean, low mileage is now even lower-mileage.

I got another call once the inspection came back. It needed almost $1,000 in suspension work. MD state inspection is pretty strict. Was I still interested? Mike offered to make and pay for the repairs and deduct it from the cost of the car. WHO DOES THIS? Who provides this kind of customer service? Mike Davies is the most honest, transparent, fair, and reasonable car dealer you will EVER work with. I am extremely satisfied with The Police Fleet Sales, and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who is in the market for a great, pre-owned police vehicle.

Michael Ahmadi - Maryland

1941 Classic Pontiac Custom review

Mike had what he said and does what he says he will do!

Purchased this 1941 Pontiac Custom sight un-seen from Drive Investment Group. They shared information and photos via email and text during the pre-purchase negations. I flew into BWI from my home here in Los Angels, CA.  Mike assisted me with car transport arrangements and picked me up from my hotel in Frederick. Once at their office in person, the car was better than expected. We did the purchase paperwork and Mike personally drove me back to the airport. The car later arrived to my home in CA and my kids and grandkids love it!

Thank you very much Mike!

I will leave you 5 stars on Google review. 

Mike E. - Los Angles, California   1941 Pontiac

HUMMER H2 purchase


We had a great drive back to PA, the Hummer was PERFECT! The steering was right on,  and I didn't even have to hold the wheel! So glad we found you, as you guys were fantastic to deal with. 

Jack Johnson,- Pennsylvania

Hummer H2 purchase at DRIVE Investment Group Automotive


They did it again!!!   Wow!!!

If you read these testimonials you will see that I purchased a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria P-71 CVPI in 2011 from Mike. Nearly 10 years and 250,000 miles later it’s still running strong. As I still continually stop into the Police Fleet HQ to say hi and view there cool inventory, I fell in love with this super clean 2014 Dodge Charger Police Pursuit. As I wasn't really looking to upgrade with todays economic conditions, Mike gave me a deal that I could not turn down, so I pulled the trigger and purchased this super clean charger to add to my personal collection. The price was so good I didnt even trade-in my 2005 CVPI. As with my past purchase from Police Fleet Sales, I expect this to last another decade without any issues as-well.

If your looking for a clean and well kept retired police vehicle; look no further! 

Thanks again Mike and to your professional detail team!

And as always, Thanks and be safe while working and protecting the citizens of Frederick County.


Bellefonte Police Department patrol car purchase's


All prospective buyers--

Early this year I was looking for two good used police cars. I’m a Chief of Police from a small town in Eastern Kentucky. Because of the virus most car lots were closed. I started surfing the internet and came across a place called The Police Fleet Sales in Frederick, Maryland. I hated to purchase cars over the internet, but I didn’t have any other options. They had two cars I was interested in and on their word,and their description, I purchased them sight un-seen. To my surprise, they were better than I expected. Low mileage, good tires, very nice cars! They worked with me and my budget to get the deal done.

This was the best experience buying cars I’ve ever had. I still get calls from them asking if I’ve had any problems. Great people to work with. Next year I’m planning on buying another car but I won’t be looking any other place; I’ll be calling The Police Fleet Sales. 

Chief Charles E. Stewart City of Bellefonte Police Department

Chesapeake Protective Services INC. fleet purchase


Hi Mike,

Thank you again! We will definitely be buying again from you. We gave you our budget and you worked with us. The vehicles are in great condition as described and you made the whole process of purchasing vehicles smooth and easy. Stay safe. 

Dan & Mel

Chesapeake Protective Services, Inc.

Catonsville, Maryland

"Thanks Officer Mike" 2013 Ford SUV Interceptor

"Officer" Mike was very courteous and patient all thru the transaction, he and his wife we’re patient enough to wait for me thru the pandemic subway train from DC, part shuttle bus and again part train transportation experience for me, and they drove a numerous of miles to meet me with the new car at the Shady Grove subway station, so I didn’t have to try and catch more buses to their Frederick, office, on my return to pick up the car, which really help to make this a successful exchange and which helped me thru that frustrating 2 hour pandemic transferring train/shuttle bus/train experience. Thanx again Officer Mike πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘




Patrick's 2009 CVPI "POLAR BEAR"

HIGHLY recommend, Mike the owner is one hell of a guy. You will NOT be disappointed you will walk out with a smile on your face. Once again HIGHLY RECOMMEND!. If I could I would give 10 stars for the service and quality of the fleet vehicles there are outstanding. 
Thanks Mike! 

Proud (New) owner of a 2009 CVPI. 

Patrick S.

2009 K-9 Police Interceptor "still runs strong"

The day when I saw this 2009 Ford Crown Victoria on Mikes website, I knew I finally found exactly what I was looking for. I contacted Mike about the Vic and he was very helpful on everything to get me this vehicle. He let me test drive it the first day I went to the dealership, and it was an enjoyable ride. I decided I really wanted it, and Mike got it inspected for me. The only unfortunate part was that this took place around the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, and it postponed the inspection. Mike updated me every so often about the inspection, and I was very thankful for that. When the day finally came to make the purchase, I couldn’t wait to get back home in my Crown Victoria. Mike made this car buying experience very enjoyable, and he didn’t pressure me into buying anything I didn’t want. If I ever need to buy another vehicle, I’ll check what Mike has first. The Vic is still running as strong as the day I bought it. Thanks again, Mike......

Ryan Gantt

Great car!!! Life long customer...

Great family owned business!!!

I purchased this 2005 Ford Crown Victoria P-71 in 2011 from Mike. 9 years and 230,000 miles later it’s still running strong. I still continually stop in the Police Fleet to say hi and view there inventory. I am looking to upgrade and purchase a 2013 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor from Mike and expect that to last another decade as-well.

Thanks again Mike, and be safe while working and protecting the citizens of Frederick.


Still Running 6 Months Later

Mike, I was reflecting on what I'm thankful for, and your dealership was in my top list! Other than maintenance costs I expected and what you'd expect from an old car, the Crown Victoria P71 still runs just as great as when I bought it! I've historically had bad luck with used cars despite my best efforts, but I finally have one that gets me where I need to go! My 2011 Honda Civic was not nearly as reliable as this 2008 Crown Vic! I honestly did not expect a 2008-model car to run so well without having to pay for substantial repairs! It's been about six months since I got it, and it's my main car and has not yet failed me. Thanks again for your honest service. It was my lifelong dream to own a former police car, and you helped make that happen along with finally getting a used car that didn't have hidden problems. Once it does have a major issue that's too expensive to fix, I'll be coming right back to the Police Fleet to get another one. There was no other reason I wanted to email you. I just wanted to tell you that I'll always remember the first time I test-drove that car and loved it, and I've loved every minute of driving it. You made buying my first Maryland car so simple, and you didn't rip me off, and I'll never forget that. You should go into business full-time once you retire from the force! I know you said it was a hobby and a potential larger business. I think a lot of people (including you) would benefit from your service, since usually "honest used car dealer" is an oxymoron, but not with you! I know I already left a testimonial on your website from around April of this year. You're free to add any part of this email to your testimonials as a "follow up" or use it in any format to help your business, and it's your choice whether you want my name associated with it or not. Sincerely, Kevin Hartnett

Awesome Car and Owner!

I bought a Crown Victoria with fairly low mileage and idle time from Mike. He talked me through the entire process, and he even paid to have a small issue fixed. He also drove the car to AAA just so they could inspect it for me before I agreed to purchase it. The day of the purchase, I had only a credit card. I didn't have a money order or anything prepared, so I just had to use that to purchase the vehicle. Mike usually doesn't take credit cards for that amount, but he made a single exception for me so we could continue the process. He even put in a free spare tire and jack! Every interaction I had with Mike was pleasant. He was very accommodating to my parents who really wanted to see the whole operation. There was some issues with the license plates for the car, and the MVA was down, so I got a temporary tag printed. I thought I had paid everything, but Mike emailed me to let me know that I actually overpaid for the plates, according to the MVA, so he personally wrote me a check for the remaining balance. I rarely go out of my way to write things like this, but Mike is an amazing guy and an honest used car dealer! I never thought I would use "honest" and "used car dealer" in the same sentence! He was straight up about the issues the car had and even gave me advice on cheap fixes if I didn't want to go all the way on redoing some of the paint on the car. I have driven it about 1,000 miles so far, and it's great! I love how spacious it is, and the MPG is pretty decent for the size of the vehicle. I do not regret my purchase from Mike one bit, and I have referred several people asking about where I got my car here. You sell exceptionally usable previously government vehicles that are difficult to come by. Thanks again for all the accommodations you made, and I appreciate the follow-through with the tags. Everything was perfect, and I would buy a car from you again in a heartbeat (but let's hope that isn't for awhile!). Thanks, Kevin Hartnett

Great Service!! 07 Michigan State Police Blue P-71

What a professional place. I called and spoke to Melissa who was super nice and very patient. To my surprise she told me we could stop by that day and Mike would be happy to meet us. We drove away the very same night, not only in a pristine P71 but in Mikes very own P71 he had driven as a detective. Talk about knowing a cars history! I am so pleased with our purchase I can only say Wow! I recommend anyone looking for a nice reliable vehicle to call on Mike, he is a true gentleman and went out of his way to accommodate us. Thank you Mike and Melissa! We are thrilled.

Britt in Mechanicsville, MA.

2008 Crown Victoria P-71 "Memorial Car" 1 of 2

My wife and I purchased this car in October to take with us in November to our sons memorial service.  We are so appreciative to Black Market Cars / The Police Fleet for their great customer service and attention to detail.  Michael Davies thank you for helping us to making this become a reality this car is very sound and the opportunity to honor our son will never  be forgotten.  I have attachced a photo to give an idea of our concept.  Many family members have shared our love and respect for our son and joined in this tribute.  Now we will look out into our driveway and in our own way connect with him.  I recommend this company to everyone I talk to that is in the Crown Victoria clubs accross the country.  Thank you Mike!

Blaise and Cahty Silverio 

2008 Crown Victoria P-71 "Memorial Car" 2 of 2

Mike, Here is the P-71 you sold us and we could not be more pleased.  We took it to our sons memorial service and recieved a lot of praise.  Also in our families own way it helped in the healing process for other members that were there.  You are a great dealer and I have recommended your company to a lot of Crown Victoria club members.  Thank you so much for working with us in delivering on time.  My wife loves the car and drives it everywhere.  Hope to work with you again come spring.  We will be looking for another P-71 for me.... Love this car. Your customer service is the best.  Thank you again Mike!

Blaise and Cathy Silverio

Satisfied Customer - Awesome Dealer

I purchased a 2005 Ford F-150 "Off Road" Crew Cab 4x4 with 100k in the summer of 2014.  Its been nearly nine months and 30,000 miles and I have had ZERO problems.  Awesome dealer!!


Frederick, Maryland

1967 Ford Mustang

Everybody you talk to says buying a car off the internet is not wise, especially sight unseen.  When dealing with "Black Market Cars" at DRIVE Investment Group Automotive it's not that way at all.  Don't let the name scare ya, Mike had what he said he had and does what he says he will do.  Anytime I will need another car I will surely check his website and tell others.  He has very reasonable rates for transporting your new car also.  Thanks again and all arrived in perfect order. 

Eldon C. Oldnettle

Flower Mound, Texas

Respectable Dealer

I recently purchased a 2005 Crown Victoria with the Police Interseptor package from The Police Fleet (formerly: Black Market Cars).  I wanted to wait a couple of months before I send in a testimonial to make sure everything was okay with the car.  I am pleased to say that after five months, the car has performed without any issues.  The owner, Mike Davies, made the purchasing process very easy.  Compared to other dealers I have done business with, Mike was by far the most honest, the most fair and made the transaction the best buying experience I have ever had.  I would recommend this dealership to my family, friends, co-workers and members of my church.  I will definately be calling Mike for my next purchase.  I am not a spokesperson, just another satisfied customer.  Sincerely, Shaun Hagerthey, Sr.

2006 Audi A3

Mike, we wanted to send you a thank you note for making our experience in buying a car for our son a very good one!  You handled the "check engine light" situation with extreme professionalism!  When it was all said and done, our Harrisburg Audi dealer (Sun Motor Cars) called you a "real stand up guy" and we could not argue more!  We will be sending business your way at every opportunity... Thanks again!!


2006 Audi A3 at DRIVE Investment Group Automotive

C.V.P.I. Purchase

Mike, thanks a lot for selling such great cars.  I have owned my 2007 C.V.P.I. for several months now and I am still pleased that I bought my car from you.  The car runs great, looks fantastic, and rides and runs like a new car.  In my job as a law enforcement officer, I ran several of these cars to over 200,000 miles.  When I saw the low mileage on this car, I had no reservations buying it.  The only concern I had was the person selling the car.  Buying the car from you removed those concerns, and even my wife stated how nice of an experience it was to deal with you.  Looking for a car? Buy it from The Police Fleet (formerly: Black Market Cars) and MIke Davies.  Thats what I am telling my friends when they ask where I got it.  Thanks again for your help and stay safe. 


2012 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door

DRIVE Investment Group Automotive; "A very honest auto dealer with a great concept.  I was able to view the car online, contact them, make an appointment and look at the car inside their warehouse showroom.  We then took the car (Jeep Wrangler) for a test drve, returned and completed the purchase without any headaches.  The Jeep's condition was great as it was described online.  As of today, we are very happy with our Jeep.  Thanks Mike!"


Urbana, Maryland

Merry Christmas

Hi Mike, 

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you one more time for everything you have done for my family with the 2002 Ford Crown Victoria!  We got the tags, registration, and check today in the mail.  you have been a dream to work with, and the car is a cream puff.  We love it!!

You and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  God Bless!

The Vance Family

Westminster, Maryland

Ford Crown Victoria

Acura RL

Dear Mike, 

You are a gem!!!!! I donated the money to a cancer hospice support organization.  They supply hospice centers around the tri-state area.  Be well!!  We will keep in touch and plan to send friends your way.

Hugs to your wife......


Nancy Taubman

Brookville, MD

2000 Acura 3.5 RL 



Taisey Security Agency; Purchased 2 P-71 units

Dear Mike, 

I would like to start by saying that purchasing a vehicle from The Police Fleet (formerly: Black Market Cars) has been one of the most pleasurable and informative vehicle buying experiences I can remember.

As I explain to you, myself and my buisness partner had looked for months for just the right vehicle to add to our fleet of security vehicles.  The vehicles we had looked at prior to coming to The Police Fleet (formerly: Black Market Cars) had a lot to be desired and were in terrible condition and not up to our agency standard.  Our agency has an image to uphold and our vehicles are a way of showing it.

Your personal knowledge of the 2006 Ford Crown Victoira P-71 and professionalism made our buying experience a pleasure with the purchase of the newest member of our fleet from The Police Fleet (formerly: Black Market Cars).

It's been a little over a month since purchasing the P-71 and we could not be more satisfied.  It has lead to an increase in our business and the booking of more contracts.  We also posted pictures of the P-71 we purchased from you on our Facebook page.

I know that we will be a returing customer and you can be assured that if any friends or business associate are looking to purchase a personal or business vehicle in the future, we will be sending them to The Police Fleet (formerly: Black Market Cars), thanks again.


Dale A. LaMendola

Director of Operations

The Taisey Agency LLC

Mini Cooper


I would recommend DRIVE Investment Group Automotive / aka Black Market Cars to everyone.  They are easy to deal with and have your best interest at heart.  Mike went out of his way to make sure that the car I bought was in running well weeks after the sale was final.  When I discovered an issue, he was quick to fix the problem when it worked for me.  He even made sure I had a loaner so I wouldn't be without a car while the issue was being fixed.  Black Market Cars is the first place I will be looking when I look for a car for my daughter.  Thanks again Mike, I love my Mini Cooper.



2004 Mini Cooper  

2004 Jeep Wrangler


We really are enjoying the Jeep.  Got stuck in the mud once locally and also took it out for a day trip to the GW national forest driving on the fire roads. DRIVE Investment Group Automotive ROCKS! 




2004 Jeep Wrangler

Acura TL

I recently purchased a car from DRIVE Investment Group Automotive / aka Black Market Cars, it was very reasonably priced.  Unfortunately there was transmission problems so Mike had it towed all the way from Columbia MD back to Frederick had a new transmission put in it with a 2 yr warranty, all on him.  Then he drove it back to Columbia MD and offered me $20 to have it washed on top of all that.  He also gave me a free oil change coupon.  He was very professional & helpful.  From now on, all my cars will come from Black Market Cars and I strongly suggest yours do too.

Marc Fecteau

Columbia, Maryland

2003 Acura 3.2 TL

May 26, 2012

Ford Crown Victoria Police P-71

Thank you for a "hassle free" car buying experience.  The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor I purchased from you has exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend that everyone looking for a quality used car should shop at The Police Fleet (formerly: Black Market Cars). 


Scott Collier